WA Peninsula, SC Washington, High Lakes of NW WA, NE Washington & Idaho, NC Washington, NW Montana I,
Low Lakes of NW WA, SE Washington, NW Montana II, NW Montana III, Biography of a Man, A Fisherman's Wildlife, Lakes of North Idaho

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Chuck Moore was a logger, construction worker, commercial fisherman, trucker, scuba diver and many more things in his life. This book is his story. It tells of the people, events and experiences in a life that was filled with adventure. It also gives a glimpse of what life was like in Bellingham and the Skagit Valley of Washington state as he grew up during and after World War II.

His travels took him from coast to coast, from Mexico to the Arctic Circle, to the far end of the Aleutian Islands and the bottom of the Salish Sea. Living on the edge, and doing some of the most dangerous jobs in the world, nearly cost him his life on many occasions. Read more

About John E. Moore

The author is the son of Chuck Moore, the subject of this biography. His previous ten books are regional fishing and hiking guides covering areas in Washington, Idaho and Montana. This effort marks a drastic departure from his previous work...
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Excerpt from the Book

In Bellingham, we first lived in a house on a hill to the west of Sehome Hill. It’s the hill that Highland Drive crosses now, and the house overlooked Bellingham Bay to the west. Read more

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