WA Peninsula, SC Washington, High Lakes of NW WA, NE Washington & Idaho, NC Washington, NW Montana I,
Low Lakes of NW WA, SE Washington, NW Montana II, NW Montana III, Biography of a Man, A Fisherman's Wildlife, Lakes of North Idaho

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$39.95 / Hardcover (No DJ)
ISBN: 9781457552335
94 pages

Excerpt from the Book

The bull on these two pages was in a meadow area at the outlet end of Red Meadow Lake in Montana. I was fishing the lake, and as I drifted near the shore I heard a splash. I stood up to see over the grass and the moose was a short distance away. I took a picture, and then whistled to get his attention. When he looked toward me I took another picture, and then sat back down to get back to fishing. He had seen me for just a few seconds, and I disappeared from his view when I sat down. He was so curious about what had just happened that he came toward where he’d seen me, with his head raised high to see over the grass.