WA Peninsula, SC Washington, High Lakes of NW WA, NE Washington & Idaho, NC Washington, NW Montana, Low Lakes of NW WA, SE Washington

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Other fishing guides offer very limited information on a large number of lakes, most of which their authors have never even been near. This book provides detailed information on the lake and surrounding area, as well as directions and fishing tips. All lakes included in this book have been personally visited, fished and photographed by the author.
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About John E. Moore

The author is a ten-time Washington State record holder, with certified weight records for five different species of fish. Catch data for several hundred lakes, dating back to 1981, has been provided to Washington State fish biologists. Data dating back to 1994 has also been provided to the State of Montana.

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Excerpt from the Book

The area of the inlet creek from Anderson Lake #2, in the southeast corner, is also a shallow flat, and has the largest concentration of snags on the bottom. The south shore between the inlet and the cliffs has a little deeper flat, with rock rising up from the bottom.
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