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Bald Mountain Mill Pond

SIZE: 1.5 Acres
ELEVATION: 1,050 Feet

COUNTY: Skagit, Washington
Longitude: 122d 3m 29s to 122d 3m 33s West
Latitude: 48d 21m 4s to 48d 21m 5s North


Eastern Brook Trout

The surrounding area is fairly flat, but covered with dense brush and trees. Most of the trees are young, having been planted in clearcut areas. Hills rise to the east.

The largest open water portion of the pond lies alongside the logging road that forms the western fork of the Deer Creek mainline. All shoreline not adjacent to the road has dense brush and soft bog.

The pond is shallow, with a bottom of deep silt dotted with pockets of lilypads.

The water is clear, but has a slight brownish tinge.

Take Highway 9 to Lake Cavanaugh Road at mile 44.3, south of Big Lake and the town of Sedro Woolley.

Turn onto Lake Cavanaugh Road, and head easterly.

The road will begin to parallel Pilchuck Creek, and will cross Bear Creek just past mile post 8. At about mile 8.8, the Deer Creek main line will be found on the left.

Take the main line past the gravel pit (on the left) to a large, four-way intersection reached about a mile from Lake Cavanaugh Road.

Take the road on the extreme left, and the pond will be found along the left side of the road after about 0.6 miles.

Just past the pond the road turns sharply to the left and crosses Bear Creek, before reaching a gate after another 0.4 miles. At about 2.0 miles from the pond, the road intersects Lake Cavanaugh Road at mile 7.2. This road is normally maintained as a one way exit road from the Deer Creek main line.

I am unable to offer any tips due to a lack of success in this lake. There was no evidence of any fish present from 1982 to 1992.

In June of 1992 access to the Day Lake area was closed to the public when Georgia Pacific sold the holdings to The Campbell Group. The gate at the end of the main line has been kept locked up ever since. To reach the pond you have to walk in.

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