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Anderson Lake

June 30, 2010; Anderson Lake, looking northeast from the boat launch.

SIZE: 58.7 Acres
ELEVATION: 255 Feet (estimated)

COUNTY: Jefferson, Washington
Longitude: 122d 47m 45s to 122d 48m 11s West
Latitude: 48d 0m 54s to 48d 1m 24s North


Rainbow Trout

Two steep knobs rise close over the northwest corner of the lake. A small peninsula extends out from the east shore about a quarter of the way up the lake.

Access is via Anderson Lake State Park, at the southwest corner of the lake. The park extends up the west side of the lake. A boat launch area with a concrete strip ramp is located on the west side. There is a $7.00 fee for launching of any watercraft. Seems a bit steep.

To the left of the boat launch area is the start of Lakeside Trail A. A sign indicates a trail length of 1.51 miles for the trail that runs around the north end of the lake. The trail reaches several places with picnic tables and limited bank access.

The east side of the lake is timber covered. Trees and brush reach to the waters edge along most of the east side and the entire north end. A point extends out for a short distance at the center of the east side of the lake. It has timber cover on the north side, and is fairly steep and grass covered on the tip of the south side.

The south end of the lake has timber set back from the water behind a thin strip of deciduous and scrub trees that line the water. The south end shores are also lined with aquatic weeds. Lilypads cover the shallow areas out from the shoreline weeds.

Lilypads are found in most of the shallower areas of the lake.

The bottom is primarily mud, but has rocky areas. Gravel is present at the boat launch area. A lot of algae is present.

The water is clear.

Take Highway 20 to mile 3.7, west of Port Townsend, where Anderson Lake Road is found on the east side of the highway.
Turn onto Anderson Lake Road, and go 1.1 miles to Anderson Lake State Park, on the left.
Turn into the park, and go 0.4 miles to the boat launch area, on the right.

I did not attempt to fish this lake. As of 2010 the water is closed to all use due to the presence of toxic algae.

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